Three generations of history
and style in the world of wedding dresses

Bellantuono Bridal Group is located in Apulia in a plain area covered by olive trees.
The company was founded in 1968 by Elena and Michelangelo Bellantuono

Bellantuono Bridal Group is based on an Italian know-how which, with perseverance and dedication, is capable of creating true masterpieces by learning different artistic techniques. Elena's dream starts with a trip to Naples. The regional capital of Campania stands as one of the most elegant and refined cities of Southern Italy, famous for its salons, its good food, and its bespoke Italian tailoring. The latter is a workmanship that finds its roots in the work of Eugenio Marinella since 1914. In a context in which femininity was celebrated in every shop window and square, Elena bought her first wedding dress. It was not for her though, for she was married already, and she simply took it home. She then disassembled it, and once she understood the workmanship, the stitching, and the technique, she tried to remake it.
That was the first of many wedding dresses that were sewn by three generations of seamstresses, dressmakers and designers who still recall that event and carry on the sartorial tradition of “handmade in Italy”.

Today Bellantuono Bridal Group is located in the sunny lands of Apulia, in a plain area bathed by the sea and covered by olive trees. The key figures of this company are the Bellantuono sisters, Elena and Paola, designers and creators of their unique style, and Marco Villani as Sales Director. They are responsible for the company's vision, which aims at a future based on technology, innovation, ecology and an increasingly social fashion.
"The focus on change does not, however, make us lose sight of our history and the tailoring that makes us stand out."